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Raven Rya

My Story

I began dancing when I was a thirteen. In school, I was being bullied for being different from most of the other kids. It started as taunting that I would draw in class, went to the other kids pretending to ask me out, and wound up being about my looks in the end. A friend of mine was in some dance classes and told me about them, so I thought I should try that out to lose some weight. (Yes, as a teenager who barely weighed over 100 lbs, I was already thinking about managing my weight!) I joined the classes and was barely able to grasp one move in the entire hour-long session. I nearly quit, but I found the drive through the support of my friends and family to at least give the classes a proper chance because, let's face it, no one is good at something when they first begin! It's learned!

So I stuck with my classes and wound up falling in love with belly dance. Now, years later, I've begun my professional career. I love to have gigs here in town, but I also began my YouTube Channel which I hope to make a larger part of my career. Here, I post videos of my work and look to post instructional videos in the future! I hope to grow this channel into a supportive community for other people who are a little bit different, just like me.

I ask that everyone join me in being supportive of one another and their journeys in life.

With love,

Raven Rya


Workshops Attended:

  • Zoe Jakes: Cincinnati (2016)
  • Cairo in Columbus: Karim Nagi (2014), Sadie and Kaya (2012), and Mia Donna (2008).
  • Gypsy Caravan (2014)


  • Jamilla Private Instruction 2013-2014
  • Melodia Group Classes 2007-2015